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By The Art Of Giulio Perez
The illustration is a big part of my life. Starting from pencil sketches to the realization of the finished drawing. The method I prefer is the digital painting (using Photoshop), but my skills also fit into traditional arts such as: pencils, watercolors, acrylic and oil paints. My favorite subjects are fantasy characters but I'm open to any other type of illustration.
Photography for me is not the simple act of capturing an image at the right time, for me, photography is an extension of my mind and of my personality.
I love dealing with photographs like my drawings, with heavy color fixes and some small filters.
Creating a true photomontage is very difficult. To make it look real you have to know as much as possible about physical laws that govern the world, the lights and shadows, perspective and a clever use of color. For me the photomontage is the union of two arts: drawing and photography. This is why I love it.
Graphic design, advertising and web design, were the main subjects of my course of study in which I achieved the diploma. I think that logos should reflect the owners and I find very interesting the dynamics that follow these steps towards
creating it.
By The Art Of Giulio Perez
Advertising is the second step for a proper communication with the world. This step can be very complicated, you have the ability to communicate a message through an image, using several strengths in your favor, for example: the colors, striking images, messages, slogans, etc. Contacting the right person to advertise is fundamental. That's why I am here!
Imagine if you had the opportunity to show off your business card in the hands of all the people of the world. With your website it is now possible, but it is not enough. We are in the 21st century, a third of the population owns a smartphone, so it is crucial that your site is optimized for mobile devices, and that it is perfectly communicating with social networks.
Video editing is an important part of visual communication, one of the most powerful ones, combining images and sounds to an effective message is very important to reach people. I deal with shooting, editing and post production.
Tattoos have always had a sacred aura to me. I love tattoos with an intrinsic meaning.
Becoming a tattoo artist may be a future dream of mine, but for now I delight to practice on volunteers.

By The Art Of Giulio Perez
Video games have always been an integral part of my creative growth. I love working with unreal to give life to my imagination.
In this section you will find maps edited in unreal and developed projects.
The contents of this page and in the whole the website, are limited to copyrights held by Giulio Perez and represent a small part of the complete portfolio. If you want to see it in its entirety, send the request by e-mail or click the button Below (Password required). All content present on the site and the underlying page are owned by Giulio Perez, any misuse is prohibited. © The Art Of Giulio Perez 2017
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(+39) 331 9467875 | info@theartofgiulioperez.com | P.I. 03686490131

(+39) 331 9467875
P.I. 03686490131

(+39) 331 9467875
P.I. 03686490131
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